Cast Iron Rolls

  • SG-Iron(DCI) Roll
  • SHGI Roll
  • ICDP Roll(Ni-Grain Roll)
  • Chilled Roll
  • HCrS & HCrl Roll
SG-Iron(DCI) Roll

DCI stands for Ductile Cast Iron and it is often named SG-Iron, its biggest characteristics being its spheroidal graphite matrix. Spheroidal graphite gives these rolls great tensile strength, enabling them to withstand heavy loads. These rolls feature a wide range of hardness and can be used in various rolling applications. They can be produced by static or centrifugal casting alternatively.

Characteristics Applications
Wide applications
Excellent wear resistance
Good resistance to heat cracks and Sticking
Rebar,Wire rod,bar mills
Section mills
Hot strip mills
SHGI(Specially Heat treated Graphite Iron) Rolls

SHGI material is an improved version of SG-Iron material. The engineering composition and exposure to a special heat treatment gives SHGI rolls tough characteristics. This type of roll works well under inferior cooling conditions and is particularly applicable where deep grooves are required. SHGI rolls gre bad cooling condition, it is particularly applicable with deep grooved stand. SHGI rolls greatly improve the mill's productivity and quality.

Characteristics Applications
Low degrading in hardness penetation
Superior mechanicak strength
Good rolling surface quality
High resistance to Heat crack
Blooming and slabbing mills
Billet mills
Large section mills
Bar, wire rod mills
(Roughing stands)
ICDP(Indefinite Chilled Double Poured) Rolls or Ni-Grain Rolls

In this type of roll, the graphite is distributed in the matrix evenly in contrast to definite chilled material. Due to this distribution high heat conductivity and thermal shock rigidity are achieved as well as an easier determinationn of the requested hardness according to the alloy forming technology. This plays an important role in hot strip mills thanks to the excellent surfaces of the products due to graphites and wear resistance achieved by double cast.

Characteristics Applications
Excellent resistance to heat fatigue
Homogenized shell structure
Good surface quality
Hot strip mills(real finishing stands)
Bar,wire rod mills(intermediate,Finishing)
small, medium section mills(Finishing)
HCrS (High Chrome Steel) & HCrI (High Chrome Iron) Rolls

High Cr Roll's has a lot of eutectic chromium carbides and secondary carbides has a acicular matrix. Its high chrome contents gives high hardness and resistance to abrasion.

Characteristics Applications
high adhesiveness due to oxide film on the surface
Superior mechanical properties
Excellent homogenous hardness
Hot strip mills(roughing)
Hot strip mills(front, finishing stands)
Skin Pass mills