Steel Base Rolls

  • Adamite & Steel Base Roll
  • High C-ADM & G-ADM Roll
  • High Speed Steel Roll
  • Semi High Speed Steel Roll
Adamite & Steel Base Roll

Generally rolls are classified into low carbon (KSN) and high carbon base rolls; the latter being further divided into adamite (KAN, KAU) and graphite steel (KAG) which boasts crystallized graphite. Since high carbon base is characterized by very hard toughness and good thermal shock resistance it can be applied to almost every type of mills adamite (KAN, KAU) and graphite steel (KAG), in which graphite crystallized. Since high carbon base one has very hard toughness and good thermal shock resistance, it can be applied to almost every type of mills.

Characteristics Applications
Very good toughness
Good thermal shock resistance
Slabbing, Break down mills, Hot strip mills
Roughing stands in heavy section mills,
finishing stands in medium, large section mills
wide range of applications
High C ADM & G-ADM Roll

These rolls usually produced by centrifugal casting method Used in Universal mills.
G-ADM roll performs well with deep grooved general section mill in finishing stands.

Characteristics Applications
Excellent wear resistance
Very good heat and shock resistance
Good resistance to heat cracks and Sticking
Universal Mill
Section mill finishing stands
Wire Rod Mills, Bar Mills

High Speed Steel rolls are composed of two layers, namely: an outer shell containing high carbon and high alloy and core layer of SG-Iron.
This roll is manufactured by double poured centrifugal casting. It has MC type primary carbides with very tough base matrix which gives excellent rolling performance in high temperature. Usually intermediate and finishing stands use HSS material, roughing stands use S-HSS material.

Characteristics Applications
High hardness, Excellent wear resistance
High resistance to Heat cracks and thermal fatigue
Low grade of change with internal stress
Hot strip mills
Bar,Wire rod mills
Section mills
HCrS & HCrl Roll

High Cr Roll's has a lot of eutectic chromium carbides and secondary carbides has a acicular matrix. Its high chrome contents gives high hardness and resistance to abrasion.

Characteristics Applications
high adhesiveness due to oxide film on the surface
Superior mechanical properties
Excellent homogenous hardness
Hot strip mills(roughing)
Hot strip mills(front, finishing stands)
Skin Pass mills