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We will be a firm driving force to support South Korea.

Sun Technologies
CEO, Ju Seung hwan

In order for Suntech to survive from a transilient industry environment as well as unpredictable markey uncertainty, a main keynote Suntech need to focus is "return to principles". Principal business management system, which is our core value since 1976, will be Sun Technologies' foundation of future vision.

We will make our best effort to become united and sharing business where it can survive from next generation of Industrial Revolution

Thank you.

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We will make the world steel industry's dream come true.

Sun Technologies
Founder, Jong Ki, Min.

"The world hidden champion of rolling roll business"

Thank you for visiting SUNTECH's home page. SUNTECH has been established in Feb 1976 with company motto of "transparent management", since then with our long historical background we became highly specialized company for rolling roll business Transparent means having a transparency in every sectors. Firstly account on basis with factors. Work transparency as well as production transparency. Customers and all related people with SUNTECH would have a trust and this trust makes SUNTECH's image as a clean company.

SUNTECH is not just seeking out making profits and growth also we feel responsible for social responsibilities. On the basis with this ethical management we are producing high tech rollingroll to steel industry. The technology of rolling which quality changes the quality of steel industry. The technology of rolling which quality changes the quality of steel product largely depends on the roll quality.

The value fo SUNTECH is to produce and supply high quality rolls to steel companies by doing so customers are able to produce good quality steel product which leads to improvement of steel industry. Improvement of steel industry means improvement of one nation's development. SUNTECH want to contribute to nation's improvement and development.

SUNTECH Co., Ltd. With our pride as a 'Korean product', will do our best on research and development as well as quality improvement to provide highest quality products of the world in limit, and further to benefit your productivity increase and quality advancement.

Thank you.